Alison Taylor Enos

I had a surprise C-section due to Kathryn having some distress. It turned out that she was MUCH bigger/longer/heavier than they thought. Two doctors were with me for the operation as I was considered a high risk. I had part of the experience of labor, three days, before they found that K was having some trouble. To tell the truth, I don't remember a lot of that time. I was semi-conscious for the birth, in that my tolerance for the medication left me not quite unconscious. Not feeling things properly but still responding. I do remember them putting her on my chest, me talking to her and her talking back! The nurses were astonished and I finally succumbed to sleep! I had no problems afterward, no need for painkillers and no guilt regarding having a C-section. I didn't and don't believe the shit that some people try to make a mother believe about C-sections. It does not matter if you have a vaginal birth, a c-section or adopt. You are just as much of a mom in each case!