In the first few days after my baby was born by emergency C-section I was amazed to discover how completely unprepared I was for the experience. I desperately wanted to talk with someone who could validate and explain the intense physical pain and emotional upheaval I was experiencing. The hospital gave out a generic printed sheet of information about post-surgery rest, diet and incision care but I wanted something more comprehensive. I wanted practical advice and compassionate guidance telling me what to expect and what to do to make things easier.

That's why I created the C-section project. This is a dedicated space for specific support and advice drawn directly from the experiential wisdom of many women.  This is an encyclopedia and user manual in one. This is a gathering place for stories, hard-earned knowledge and emotional healing. This is a comprehensive and intimate resource for women who are struggling to get up to speed in the aftermath of what is often an unexpected or unwanted major abdominal surgery: being unzipped.