Rhiana Westlund

I had a normal vaginal delivery with my first baby but ended up having a C-section with my second. I ended up in labor the day before my scheduled 39 week induction, due to large size. Thanks, gestational diabetes! Rocked an all natural labor for the first 24hrs. Ended up with an epidural at 9 cm since I wasn’t progressing and my cervix wasn’t able to slide back over baby boys head. After 2hrs of pushing, care providers wanted me to stop so I tried nitrous to relax, it was so painful and nearly impossible to stop pushing so I opted for the epidural. Didn’t get one with Frances, epidurals are so bizarre... complete numbness and cold shakes, at least for me. After another 4 hrs of not progressing to full dilation or cervix swelling going down, I opted to discuss pros and cons of a c-section. It was up to me, continue to try vaginal or submit to c-section. I made the call to do a c-section and so glad I did. Once our baby boy was out, our midwife, doctor, nurses and even anesthesiologist agreed it was the best decision for me and the baby. I'm in love and so grateful we’re both safe. What a beautiful few hours it has been, so very different from the post labor experience with (my first baby) Frances. Liam was born after 36 hrs of labor. Weighing in at 9lbs, 21 inches and 15 inch head circumference. He’s an adorable chunky monkey, with loads of hair.

Just a friendly reminder you’re all strong, wise and capable of great feats. Be flexible, honor your body and listen to the wisdom within! The human body rocks!

It’s been a few days now and our little family of four is settling in nicely at home. Naturally, I had a hard time staying put once home and was up and about too much. Our pediatrician gave me a gentle reminder that I just had major abdominal surgery and to take time to rest. Liam and I are excited to enjoy a day in bed doing just that, resting. Little man slept two stretches of four hours last night which was unexpected and gratefully received by his mommy and daddy. Frances, as always, was a champ and slept a solid 11.5 hours. Happy to report Frankie is doing amazing with the new dynamic of being a big sister. Overall she’s indifferent about her baby brother. What impresses me most is her patience with my limited interaction and attention. Also her calmness as she watches her brother nurse around the clock. I actually nursed Frankie through pregnancy, 1-2 times a day. This morning I woke up engorged with my new milk supply. It was such peace of mind to nurse Liam while Daddy and Frankie read books next to us. Once Liam finished I invited Frankie to help relieve the other side (so much better than a pump!)…she didn’t fuss once while waiting her turn and she listened when I said “ok, after I sing three songs we’ll be all done nursing” she immediately released and continued to happily read books. Celebrating the small victories and prepared for the ebb and flow which is sure to come as we transition to a family of four. Taking it one day at a time.