A short History of the C-section

C-section statistics

Common causes of C-section

Placenta previa

Cindy Krauss: History of loss, Stillborn, C-section x2

Amelia Smith: C-section with 2nd baby, NICU


Jaqueline Lèbre Bacellar: Induction, medical interventions, difficult recovery


Karen Hiemer: Planned c-section, older mother, trouble breastfeeding


Amber Hunt: Failed induction, extreme Epidural nausea, tubal ligation, diastasis recti

Congenital Defects

Raleigh Russel: Congenital defects and C-sections with both her babies

Umbilical cord trouble

Emily May Bezanson: Induction, not progressing, Emergency C-section, cord wrap, feelings of failure

Cathy Favreau: VBAC x2

Ruby Schaefer: VBAC x2, uterine rupture, ectopic pregnancy

Not progressing/Fetal Distress/Heart Rate Trouble

Juliane Wagner: Body & emotions shut down in hospital environment

Kara Lee Steigelman: Didn't dilate, easy recovery

Kathryn Feeks Vieira: Feelings of failure, yoga, preparing for 2nd C-section

Elizabeth Francis: Group B Strep positive, Leaking amniotic fluid, Pitocin induction, penicillin allergy, Spinal headaches, blood patches

Big Baby (CPD)

Emily LaPierre: (Gestational diabetes, epidural, extended pushing phase)

Alison Taylor Enos: Big baby, easy recovery

Rhiana Westlund: Gestational Diabetes, Epidural

Placental Abruption

Katrina Nevin: Planned home birth, emergency c-section, extended NICU stay

the role of the Doula

Things I wish I'd known

Advise for other mothers

Unexpected aftereffects of surgery

Recovery and Self Care:

Adrianne Ryan: Exercise afterwards

Stephanie Priore: Energy healing and scar tissue

Your belly and scar after surgery

Breastfeeding issues and support

Emotional healing: feelings of guilt, sadness, regret

VBAC and Subsequent births: info, resources, stories

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