"This is me holding my baby for the first time... 30 hours after labor...still couldn't open my eyes." photo by Jaqueline Lebre Bacellar

Jaqueline Lèbre Bacellar

I planned a natural birth, but had pre-eclampsia. I went to the MV hospital and was transferred to Mass General where I stayed in induced labor for 58 hours until I deliver my baby through a C-section. After the pre-eclampsia diagnosis the doctors tried to control my blood pressure with magnesium and induce labor with Pitocin. They recommended a C-section but I felt pressured by a family member to keep with the natural birth plan.

After Surgery it was very difficult because I had taken way too many medicines: Pain relief, hormones and anesthesia. So was difficult to recover from those medicines. I peed through a catheter for two days and that was very scary. About a week after the surgery I went to ER with a very intense migraine and was treated with morphine. After surgery I had difficulty to move one of the legs for about a month, the nerve seemed to be damaged and I was afraid that would be permanent but I ended up recovering.

It was also difficult to take care of the baby by myself under this circumstances but we made it through. Yes everything was much harder than I expected.

I would like to advise to another mom to get a doula for her birth and I would advise them to make sure you allow the right people into your delivery room. Make sure you have somebody you trust to make life decisions for you in case you lost consciousness. Trusting or accepting the wrong person into the room can be seriously prejudicial.

What helped me get in terms with my c-section was doctors saying repeatedly that our life was in high risk. Also because the medicines made me unable to open my eyes how could I help a human being get out of my body? I did not grieve a natural birth, I was glad that it was over. I feel comfortable and thankful with the C-section because it saved our life.

There is 18 months since my C-section. I feel mostly recovered but still aware of my incision which is a little sensitive. I've had no more kids yet, but if I have I would rather have the C-section right away!